Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Planning of City Gardens    B.Sc.
2    English for Horticulture    B.Sc.
3    Growth Hormones and Tissue Differentiation    M.Sc.
4    Principles of Horticulture    
5    Floriculture    B.Sc.
6    Small Fruits    B.Sc.
7    landscqp design    B.Sc.
8    special problem    B.Sc.
9    Plant Growth Reyulators    M.Sc.
10    Special problem    M.Sc.
11    Plant nutrition in Horticulture    M.Sc.
12    Planning for Urban Green Areas    B.Sc.
13    English Language    B.Sc.
14    Training    B.Sc.
15    Floriculture    B.Sc.
16    Floriculture    B.Sc.
17    Smali Fruits    B.Sc.
18    Landscape Designing    B.Sc.
19    Turf grass and Ground - covers    B.Sc.
20    English For Special Purposes    B.Sc.
21    Small Fruits    B.Sc.
22    Lawn and Ground    B.Sc.
23    Floriculture    B.Sc.
24    Smali Fruits    B.Sc.
25    Growth Hormones and Tissue Differentiation    M.Sc.
26    Plant Growth Regulators    M.Sc.
27    Plant nutrition in Horticulture    M.Sc.
28    Seminar - I    M.Sc.
29    Effects of Environmental Stress on Plants Growth    M.Sc.
30    ornamentals Plants and Flowers Physiology    M.Sc.
31    Greenhous and Nursort Management    M.Sc.
32    Plant Growth Regulators    Ph.D
33    Flowering Physiology    Ph.D
34    Physiolosy of growth and devlopment of horfund crops    Ph.D
35    Physiology of Growth and Yield    Ph.D
36    Physiology of Flowering    Ph.D
37    Quality in Horticultural Products    Ph.D
38        Ph.D
39    Flowers And Ornamental Plants Physiology    Ph.D
40    Physiology of fruit growth and development    Ph.D
41    New Topics In Ornamental Plants    Ph.D
42    The physiology of Flower bulbs and their foreing    Ph.D
43    Flowering Bulbs Physiology And Forcing    Ph.D
44        B.Sc.